Full Original Minus8 Ankha Zone Tan Video Goes Viral

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Author: Master

2021-09-12 17:12:28

Love Blogging day and night to the maximum…


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    Angel Chavez Martinez

    If you don’t mind, what do I regret about Ankha for anybody’s good? It’s because I’ve never seen in 23 years of my life talking about my first favorite villager called Ankha which is a kitty version of Cleopatra. Everyone knows what happened with Z0NE’s video.

    I didn’t know the purpose of this was, but I considered the Ankha Zone’s original video, “Pet the Pussy ” as an awesome animation, great music background, and perfect match design to the original concept by Nintendo as a 2D animation.

    The animation is about porn though. Everything’s gangsta until the banned TikToker inosukessweatyfeet started all of the NSFW spread out of any social media in Sep. 2021. I supposed that the Ankha video is only for adults, but the warning was ignored because of perverted users who disrespect the community guidelines of a social network.

    I began to reply to everyone on social media (especially Twitter) to know about her internet trend, and regret Ankha as a family-friendly-snooty-Egyptian cat. My obsession with Ankha would mark my life as a scar from a headache, & worry about the Ankha ban for politically correctness.

    Although I made some mistakes such as telling communities which love the Ankha video, misinterpreting my context, and sending links from an article to each one of everyone. The true culprit about the Ankha Zone isn’t me nor NSFW artists, but users who love furry porno without reason.

    At least I love Ankha the snooty cat as you think. Not because of the internet, but playing #AnimalCrossing each day since March 26, 2020, and knowing her for 10 years before the lewd meme happened. Someday in the future, I’ll still remember Ankha in a Nintendo game.

    The purpose is my POV which somebody remembered about 2021 memes. But hey, I want to focus on my other life activities, and everyone deserves to be free as long as they respect me. Thank you.

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