Fletcher Cove Beach Park Information Guide


Fletcher Cove Beach Park is located in the main central of Solana Beach with basketball court, viewing deck and playground area. Known locally for nickname Pillbox offered public restrooms and showers plenty of residential parking lot.
The City lives up to its name with temperatures that average 62 degrees in the wintertime and 77 degrees in the summertime.

Beach Information

Address: 111 S Sierra Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075, USA
Website: ci.solana-beach.ca.us
Phone: +1 858-720-2400
Hour: 6AM–10PM


Beach Reviews
Mike Hosley
Local Guide

“Easily accessible by train from Downtown San Diego, a short stroll from the station into the downtown area where there are a few restaurants and shops leading to a fabulous beach experience that offers long walks, cliffs and sandy shorelines with few tourists, and biking galore into a cute village with miles of shops and cafes, and there are nice bathrooms right at the beach.

It has a healthy vibe to it, with good breakfast places right there and lots of morning activities like joggers and walkers. Easily one of the most overlooked beaches along the coast, if you plan to bike or walk from public transport to the beach it’s a must see.”


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